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Andrew Stone Death: Himalayan Gems Owner Toronto Jewelry Company Died In Accident

Andrew Stone Death: Himalayan Gems Owner Toronto Jewelry Company Died In Accident:- We are extremely saddened to share the news with you that Andrew Stone who was an owner of Himalayan Gems passed away on 15th September 2022. His news is shared by his family members on Twitter. Twitter is filled with his death news and people are giving him tribute on social media. People who know him are sharing things about him and if you don’t know more about him so we have shared some details about him and his company in the next section. Here we have mentioned the cause of his death and other details. Let’s have a look in the next section.

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Who Was Andrew Stone?

He was in his 70s and he was a businessman who was an owner of a jewel company. This company is a Canadian-owned jewelry shop and the orders are shipped from Canada. in 1975, he first visited India in the HimalayasDuring his visit, he went on an adventure and there he fell in love with the art & culture of India. In 1983, he started his jewels business with his one old friend from school and they started working on silversmith, gemstones and beaders many people worked to make this business work and first he seel these jewels to the wholesalers and then to small boutiques and many others.

How Did Andrew Stone Die?

He died on 15th September and people want to know the cause of his death as per information, he met in a car accident in which he reportedly died. He was also taken to the hospital for medical aid but unfortunately, he died on the spot. His death news was first shared with his family and people via social media by Asha Norrhasan who shared a lot of things about him. We have shared his tributes & obituary details in the next section.

Andrew Stone Tributes & Obituary

So, as we told earlier that Andrew Stone’s news was shared by the journalist & reporter Asha and she gave him tribute saying that he was her first jewelry guest who appeared on TSC and she also took a photo with him seven years ago. She also said that he was a special member of the TSC family so we are remembering him on 16th September 2022 at the noon. Many other people also give him tribute as some also appreciated his company work. We give our thoughts to his family and may his soul rest in peace.

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